Report Fraud

Insurance fraud effects everyone, without exclusion. Working Americans lose jobs, towns and cities lose tax dollars, and the taxpayer (you and me) pay billions of dollars each year.

Whether it is arson, false workers compensation claims or staged/pretend car accidents, we must all take responsibility to report suspicious activity. Reporting fraud, in effect, lower our insurance premiums and putting more of our hard earned money back in our pockets.

Insurance fraud is a crime, no different from stealing. The Kentucky Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units is dedicated to investigating, stopping, reporting, and prosecuting insurance fraud criminals.

To report fraud in the state of Kentucky, please visit the Suspected Insurance Fraud page at the Kentucky Department of Insurance

You may also contact Kentucky Insurance Fraud Investigation directly at:

Mailing Address: 909 Leawood Dr., P.O. Box 4050, Frankfort, Kentucky 40604-4050

Telephone: 502-564-1461

Facsimile: 502-564-1464

TTY: 800-648-6056

Toll Free (Kentucky only): 800-595-6053

Other fraud numbers are:

    • 800-272-7766 : Arson Hotline

    • 502-564-1461 : Insurance Fraud Investigation Division

    • 800-554-8601 : Workers' Compensation Fraud Hotline

    • 800-595-6053 : Kentucky Department of Insurance

    • 800-648-6056 : Insurance - TDD for the deaf/hard of hearing